Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Dear brethren,
We are a non-profitable group which is striving to work hard and bringing you the true gospel (sermons) of Jesus Christ for individual maturity and growing up to Jesus Christ. Therefore, we are hereby asking your voluntarily donation of money to keep us continuously working and reaching out to the world touching more people of whom, some will be converted into true believers and disciples of Jesus Christ and others “lukewarm” will be reminded that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is near so that they may be prepared to receive our Lord and Savior. 

On the top right hand, you will find “CHARITY FROM THE HEART” where you can subscribe for donation options; (1), Daily donation of $0.50 only or (2), Monthly donation of $2.00 only or (3), Yearly donation of $24 only. Remember, you may unsubscribe anytime you wish doing so. 

Donate to preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s Kingdom. Amen.

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