Friday, April 26, 2013


  It happens sometimes in our life that we are facing huge and threatening problems and challenges, that seems to close doors that we once saw as important for us to reach our destinies. Once these doors are closed we find no alternative door, and here comes a feeling of giving up, thoughts of quitting.

  There was a brilliant student, his father died years ago left him with his only crippled mother who cannot afford his education cost. His uncle took over the responsibility, but unfortunately his uncle died also in a bad car accident few years later. This boy felt so confused, his dreams were about to fail as he saw his uncle as the only door.

  But here comes Jehovah, God who once promise you, He provide you with an opportunity to keep you moving towards your destiny no matter what challenges are coming on your way.

  God always instructs us to see Him as the God of impossibilities, who can brightens our darkness days. Here God is telling you, do not be afraid of the physical measurements of challenges and problems coming onto your way.

1 Samuel 17:1-54. This chapter is telling the story of David and Goliath.

  When the Philistines and Israelites gathered their armies for a battle, came the so called a champion of Philistines, Goliath with physical measurements of; height of six cubit and a span, wearing brass helmet on his head, armed with a coat of mail weighed five thousands shekels of brass, greaves of brass on his legs, spear like a weaver’s beam, and the spear’s head weighed six hundreds shekels of iron (1 Samuel 17:4-7). And the man, Goliath was insulting the armies of Israelites and their God (1 Samuel 17:8-10). 

These were the physical measurements of Israelites challenge that time.

  On verse 11 (1 Samuel 17:11), Bible says; Saul and all Israel were dismayed and greatly afraid. Saul and his armies were not dismayed and afraid because of the battle they were to fight, but they were afraid because of the physical measurements and insults of Goliath. They did not saw God fighting on their side, instead they saw the great and well-armed Goliath.

  This applies to you, you are watching the problems and challenges coming onto your way on their sides of physical measurements, instead of seeing God providing you an opportunity through that challenge.

“For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?”_1 Samuel 17:26 (read this verse again).

  That was David, seeing Goliath as nothing before his God. He did not consider Goliath by his physical measurements and insults, but he considered how God is great and was there fighting on his side with historical conquer.

  From now on, tell the problems and challenges coming on your way this; “who are you standing on my way, I have a conqueror God who is about to smash you”. Do not be afraid of their physical measurements and insults they are making on your ears.

  Sometimes, problems and challenges makes us see ourselves as already defeated (Numbers 13:31), this happens when we keep God aside and start considering the physical measurements and insults of the problems and challenges facing us (Numbers 13:33).

  But God is there promising you something about the battle you are facing, He is the covenant keeping God (Deuteronomy 4:31).

  There is someone there, you are confused of doctor report, diagnosed having cancer and told you will die, infertile and told you will never have your own child, having incurable disease and told it is your end, and there is you there dismayed by others declarations about your success and plans, they says you cannot afford huge business because there is no one in your family tree holding and controlling even a small business. These all are physical measurements and insults from challenges and problems facing you, they are your opportunities towards your destiny, do not feel defeated.

  Today let me tell you this; there is God fighting on your side, do not be dismayed and afraid, because He is the God who keeps His words (Psalms 89:34).

  You who is infertile, next year this session you will have your own child (Psalms 128:3, 6). You with incurable disease, be healed in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ (Jeremiah 30:17). You who need to hold and control huge businesses, let it be as you wish and be blessed abundantly and become wealthy (Genesis 24:35).

  Every pray you are praying and every wish you are wishing, let it be given to you through the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, no matter problems and challenges you are facing (Isaiah 43:26 KJV). AMEN.



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